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A female humpback whale had gotten tangled in a web of fishing lines and crab traps a few miles from the Golden Gate Bridge. A rescue team thought they would have to put the whale down. The rescuers got into the water to try to untangle the whale by hand. They worked for half a day. Close to nightfall they were able to free the whale. When the whale was free she didn't rush out to sea. She swam around and around her rescuers. The whale came up to each and every diver one at a time and nudged them. Her way of saying thank you. The rescuers said they would never be the same again. This is one of the best stories to explain how it feels when you do a good deed and help somebody. It is why I share what I do with others and help those who choose to join me as a customer or Brand Partner. You will never be the same after joining us!

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